How do Rebate Deals Work?

For our rebate deals you will be purchasing the product at full price then receiving a rebate for the discounted amount once you receive the product. 

When providing the order ID please triple check that you are providing a valid ID for the proper product on our site. Any rebates that are rejected for an invalid order ID cannot receive a rebate under any circumstances. Please see the following screenshots of where to find the proper order ID.

Mobile device go to the "Your Orders" section then tap the order for the product. Then tap on the order details tab under the "Order info" section.

For Desktop got to the "Your Orders" section of your account. From there you should see the order in your list. 

After placing the order you will see a field to enter your order ID from the Amazon order. Once you provide your order ID for the rebate the process then starts. You can track the progress in your account dashboard. 

Our system is solely dependent on Amazon reporting information about your order through its API. When your rebate is available to be paid out, you will receive an email from UberZonClub Reward Center <[email protected]> with a reward link.

The email is sent to the email address on record with UberZon Club. Refer to your Profile page on UberZon to determine which email address you use with us. 

Rebates are sent anywhere from 3-15 days after initial purchase. The timeline is dependent on factors out of our control including but not limited to, speed of processing of the order, shipping time, and more.

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